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V85 Memory Channel Programming
 Before you program the memory channel, you’ll need the following: • Desired operating frequency • Offset direction for repeater operation (if applicable) • Subaudible tone frequency (if applicable)
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Entering Frequency, Offset, and Tone 1. Ensure that your radio is in VFO mode. If it is in memory mode (black icon shows
MR in the display), switch your radio to VFO mode by pressing the CLR key.  2. Set the frequency you want to use by pressing the numbers on the keypad. You
must enter six digits to complete the frequency setting.  3. To set your offset or duplex, press the FUNC key and then the DUP key to select
between simplex (blank), – and +.  4. If the repeater requires a sub audible tone, press the FUNC key and then the SET
key to enter the set mode.  5. Press the up or down keys until rt appears on the display. Rotate the dial to
select the proper tone. Press CLR or PTT to exit the set mode.  6. To turn on the tone, press FUNC followed by the TONE key and scroll through the
features until  ♪ appears on the top of the display next to the + or_.
Saving Settings in a Memory Channel 1. Press FUNC followed by the MR key. The memory channel indicator will flash
continuously.   2. Press the up or down buttons to scroll to the memory channel number you want
to store this setting in. (A blank screen will indicate an open memory channel.  If you choose a memory where a frequency is displayed, you will write over it.)
 3. Press FUNC again and then hold the MR key for 1-2 seconds to store
programmed information. You will hear two short beeps when it is stored.  4. If you have no further memory channels to create, Press the MR key to operate
in memory mode. To continue creating memory channels, return to step 1 of Entering Frequency, Offset, and Tone.

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